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Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayaks For Stand Up Fishing

Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayaks For Stand Up Fishing

Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayaks For Stand Up Fishing TareQ

Summary: Best sit on top fishing kayaks




The market is crowded with plenty of fishing kayaks. Anglers like us are looking to get the best for a reasonable price.

So selecting the best sit on top kayak (SOT) is a major decision. What we should look for in any fishing kayaks is Length versus width, speed versus stability.

In this blog post, I’m going to cover the Best sit on top fishing kayaks for sale online .

This post will tackle everything you should know from kayaks features to pros and cons of each one in the list. ok,ready let s get into it.

1-The Feelfree Moken


Design:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
features:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Material:4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
Price:5 Stars (5 / 5)

Many anglers agree that the Feelfree moken is a fishing beast. This model is an easy kayak to seal fast enough to reach narrow fishing, it is one of the most stable fishing kayak.

My words to describe the feelfree Moken kayak are sleek and stability. The fight from a Feelfree Moken Kayak is completely difference rush. You’re low to the water, for a more intimate experience.


  • LENGTH: 12′ 8″ (385 cm.)
  • WIDTH: 32″ (82 cm.)
  • WEIGHT : 72 lbs (30 kg)
  • CAPACITY: 419 lbs (190 kg)

Features that matter (must read)


Pros and advantages 

The Feelfree Moken is one of the best available fishing kayaks on the market. This kayak looks incredibly amazing.

It has two of the most searched features which are a elegance and stablity. Plus, plenty of  features that anglers crave for.

The feelfree is a sturdy fishing kayak, Capable and seaworthy in waves. Designers opted for an optimized kayak design.

With a hull length of 10 and a beam of only 30 inches, the Feelfree Moken 10 is an exceptionally fast and making casting easier even while standing.

Just walking up to it a few things will jump out at you. The Moken 10 Lite’s compact design and light weight makes it perfect for accessing rivers and smaller lakes allowing you to reach those distant locations or offshore waters quickly and easily. It designed by fishermen for fishermen.


Another noticeable aspect that I really like about this kayak is the seat. It is not as extravagant as those with rigid, metal, frames.

It is a very comfortable seat accompanied by an excellent kayak seat cushion, back rest and  adjustable foot braces that allow accommodating different sized paddlers.

The previous features allow the seat to retain its shape hour after hour so that it will not sag or collapse with continual use.

I mentioned storage earlier. At the front you have a large hatch that provides easy access to inside the hull.

Once on the yak, you will find a lot of rooms. The yak has been equipped with Store dry bags, battery boxes or slide in rods.

Moving behind the front hatch topside you will see two small recessed areas between the front hatch and center hatch one on each side.

These give you an area to store small tackle boxes or possibly your battery box for electronics.

The center hatch is rectangular and hinged. It swings open away from the angler providing ample dry storage and makes it easy for the angler to reach items.

Also, this model has an easy access lure hangers along with an integrated ruler, a pair of molded rod holders on both side and a pair of Paddle Keepers molded into the sides to enable you to park your paddle out of the way while fishing.

The last distinctive features are dedicated to transport and portability of our kayak.

The feelfree fishing kayaks is equipped with a hard plastic Wheel in the Keel for easy transport.

cons and drawbacks

The only construction handicap on the feelfree is  weight. It is a bit heavy for a newbie to handle. In addition, the other concern is the absence an anchor trolley. However, that is easily remedied if you are inclined to do so.

Final words

Overall, I can say yes you can buy this sit on top kayak. It is one of the top rated sit on top fishing kayaks .It  got a lot of positive reviews.

2-The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 kayak 

best sit on top fishing kayaks

Design:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
features:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Material:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Price:5 Stars (5 / 5)

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 kayak is another level of kayaks conception. It can be used for river, lake, swamp or surf.

It is a super stable and comfortable kayak. If you are a beginner looking to buy an new fishing kayaks, this one is for sit on top fishing kayaks review


  • Length: 10 ft.
  • Width: 30.5″
  • Weight: 61 lbs.
  • Type: Sit-on-top
  • Capacity: 325 lbs.
  • Rigged For Fishing: Yes
  • Propulsion: Paddle

Features that matter (must read)

  • Stable – almost impossible to tip
  • Light to carry
  • Can handle all types of water
  • Versatile kayak that performs well for paddlers of all ages and skill levels
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Large Storage compartiments

Pros and advantages 

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 has adopt The Ergonomic Design. It is a very effective feature.

It will keep your legs high and thus encourages the blood flow to remain constant. It also takes some of the pressure off the legs that can lead to fatigue on long kayaking trips.

In addition, the Tarpon 100’s designers have included a foot brace system For those with short or long legs to be comfortable while casting. No matter what your size is, you should have no problems adjusting.

Another remarkable design aspect is the seat. The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 kayak use 3 AirPro SOT Seating System.

This type of seat seat is very comfortable. You can sit for long hours without feeling any back pain.

The seat can be adjust for additional comfort. The aim behind 3 AirPro SOT systems cushions your back and takes care of the drainage.

So, not a single drop of water will get past the tightly sealed scuppers into the seat.



When it comes to storage, The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 is ideal. It is a very large fishing kayak.

The kayak has two storage compartments. A small one for personnel items such as wallet and phone and a large compartment where you can load all fishing gears ,snacks and even clothes.

The storage compartments feature turn and lock, 8-inch Orbix hatch covers.

In addition, there are Orbix dry storage hatches both amidships and in the bow and a tank well in the stern which is perfect for carrying a small cooler or a live bait.

In term of performance and quality construction, The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 is a very rugged piece.

Despite its length, stability is unbelievable. It is built with a high quality material that allows the kayak to last for years with minimal care.

Moreover, transportability is not a big deal. With 61 lbs in weight, the Tarpon 100 can be managed by one individual.

Cons and drawbacks

My only critic about The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 is the absence incorporated paddle keepers and anchor trolley for more performance.

Final words

According to The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 ‘s owner, this sit son on top kayak is a piece of art. It is a bit expensive, but the Tarpon 100 kayak includes a lot of features that are rarely seen on high end fishing kayaks.

3-The Old Town Predator 13 Kayak

credit :

credit :

Design:5 Stars (5 / 5)
features:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Material:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Price:5 Stars (5 / 5)

Imagine if you have the ability to stand walk forward and backward in you fishing kayaks. Hard to believe right?.However, it possible in this sleek stable fishing kayak named Old Town Predator 13 Kayak.

It is a well designed fishing kayak can handle all the fishing and camping needs you could ever come up with. This kayak is an angler’s dream come true.

Specsfishing kakays for sale

  • Length: 13’2″
  • Width: 33.5″
  • Weight: 86 lbs.
  • Type: Sit-on-top
  • Capacity: 425 lbs.
  • Rigged For Fishing: Yes
  • Propulsion: Paddle

Features that matter (must read)

  • Veritable fishing Kayak.
  • quality materiel
  • Stability and toughness.
  • Slip-resistant Exo-Ridge deck.
  • scupper holes to drain water away
  • the Hummingbird transducer scupper
  • center console with mod pod cover
  • High-strength mounts
  • Rod holders, fish finders, slidetracks support.
  • retainer bungees, dual-tip holders
  • Plenty of storage room – perfect for camping and long fishing trips
  • Stability beyond belief – stand up and fish
  • Incredible comfort
  • arge capacity Exo-Ridge tankto keep gears dry and organ.

Pros and advantages

The Old Town Predator 13 Kayak is a sleek beast. It is one the most stable kayaks in its class. There are few fishing kayaks where you can stand cast, but in the old town, it is a second nature.

The old manufactures are known with their high quality boats and they stay faithful to that while crafting The Old Town Predator 13 Kayak.

The kayak stability comes from Tri-hull design that prevents the canoe from tipping and support the weight while standing.

The Old Town Predator 13 Kayak is built with LT900 polyethylene that delivers incredible strength and durability.

For additional stability safety, the yak includes a stand up assist strap and a slip resistant Exo-Ridge to keep you and your gears safe.

Another innovative feature is the seat. It is very comfortable. It will let you forget about all the back pains you have felt during the long hours of fishing.

That is to say, the seat is comfortable while paddling. It is highly positioned for visibility additional.

fishing kakays for sale

The seat can be folded forward and tucked away nicely during transport, not to forget mentioning hummingbird transducer compatible, scupper hole.

The Old Town Predator 13 Kayak has 6 removable mounting plates. What you need is to attach your accessories to one of the mounting positions.

if you are the kind of angler who like to bring a lot of fishing gears, the Old Town Predator 13 Kayak is a great choice for you.

You can carry 425 pounds with you. It means that you have a large load capacity.

The boat has large bow hatch in front of the boat offers ample storage space with dimensions of 16.5 inches X 14.5 inches.

It is perfect to carry your fishing tackles and it locks securely with a simple click to keep your gear dry and secure.

Along with previous features, The Old Town Predator  has a massive rear pocket that can take everything from Tackle boxes to extra clothing.

Something else that I noticed in the features list is the rod system. It includes rod tip protectors mounted on the bow which is very helpful in keeping your rods handy but organized and out of the way.

moreover, this kayak is equipped with  six removable mounting plates(four forward and two aft of the seat) for more rooms to mount rod holders.

Additionaly, The Old Town Predator 13 has a built in molded paddle which provides a place to temporarily place your paddle without it rolling off.

In term of performance, I can rate The Old Town Predator 13 with 5 golden stars.

The compact design makes this kayak one of the best sit on top fishing kayaks.

Cons and drawbacks

The Old Town Predator 13 down fall is  weight. Based on the material, this fishing kayaks weights 86 lbs, which is bit heavier for some anglers to handle alone without assistance.

Final words

The boat tacks in straight line long after you stop paddling. You can fully control while turning and standing. The Old Town Predator 13 is a great stand up fishing kayak.  This combination of stability and durability make paddling this yak a real joy especially while standing. It is  among the angling kayaks for sale.



Design:4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)
features:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Material:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Price:4 Stars (4 / 5)

Fishing kayaks manufactures try hard to maintain their position inside the kayaking market by providing the best items to their consumer.

One those companies that really succeed to built trust and reputation is the Pelican International.

For over 40 years with over 100 products (kayaks, canoes, paddle boats and accessories).one of their most known fishing kayaks is the Pelican Strike 100x fishing kayaks. Let s dig deeper and discover its features.


  • Manufacturer : Pelicanbest sit on top fishing kayaks review
  • Seating Category: Sit on top
  • Water Category: Mixed water
  • Dimensions: Length – 10′ ,
  • Width – 30.5″
  • Overall Weight: 53 lbs
  • Load capacity: 325 lbs

Features that matter (must read)

  • Adjustable padded backrest with seat cushion
  • Front dry hatch
  • Front, rear and side carrying handles
  • Paddle tie-down
  • three rod holders
  • two molder
  • Swivel rod holder
  • Adjustable foot
  • A nice big bungee area to secure items.
  • Well designed storage area
  • foot braces

Pros and advantages

Most of fishing kayaks used polyethylene as a hulls materiel. However, the Pelican Strike 100x fishing kayaks broke this rule.

They opted for a very unique materiel named TST RAM-X. It is a super strong polymer which provides more durability than ordinary polyethylene.

With a little bump under the hull, that has drastically improved the maneuverability and tracking of this kayak.

This kayak handled both flat water lakes and slow moving rivers with ease. It provides easy tracking and it is too light to transport from your vehicle to water.

As an angler, your big concern is to stay safe while you’re fishing. In other term, your kayak must be stable.

In our Strike 100x, we can t say this is  absolutely the most stable kayak on the market, but it achieves its goal which is keeping you secure on the rivers.


What you need is to Take your time and make sure you have the seat and foot pegs properly adjusted before you start your journey.

As a fishing kayak, the Pelican Strike 100x has everything you will ask for. There are three rod holders.

They are great and fit different rods grips. It rarely seen in other expensive fishing kayaks.

You can bring rod and net in each of the rear holders and the second rod in the front swivel holder. It is a great strategy to catch more fishes.

Another design aspect that impressed me is the paddle holder. It has a simple but effective conception.

Moreover, this kayak includes adjustable foot pegs. This one is extremely well designed and sturdy for easy use.

One last thing about the Strike 100 x ‘s design is the seat. This yak has a comfortable seat, but don’t expect it to be like your living room.

Despite its size, the Pelican Strike 100x provides a large load capacity. With a maximum capacity of 325 lbs. The kayak has plenty of rooms to store you gears.

The boat is equipped with a rear storage space to keep your tackles closer. Plus, the 8″ storage hatch behind the seat and heavy duty bungees to keep everything in place while the water condition is aggressive.

There’s also a quick lock storage hatch at the front of the boat. The hatch is easy to use.

What you need is to turn right to open and left to close. It is the right place to keep you rod holder and nets.

Cons and drawbacks

There is one and only drawback which is the easy to scratch hull. The latest can easily lose its esthetic touch.

My advice is to be careful while carrying and transporting the Pelican Strike 100x fishing kayak to prevent any visible scrapes and scars.

Final words

The Pelican Strike 100 x angler kayak has really achieved its aim, by providing a plenty of features that you may pay more to get.

It outperforms most in the areas of durability and maneuverability. You will find some that will be better in the area of stability, but overall the stability of this kayak isn’t that bad.

5-Ocean Prowler Trident 13 Kayak

fishing kakays review

Design:5 Stars (5 / 5)
features:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Material:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Price:4 Stars (4 / 5)

Sit on top are the best fishing kayaks to buy. Among the best kayaks manufactory, Ocean Kayak are known for their quality fishing kayaks and boats.

One of their outstanding products that help the manufactory to keep their legacy is Ocean Prowler Trident 13 Kayak. Despite its smaller size, it provides a lot of benefits.

Specs5-Ocean Prowler Trident 13 Kayak

  • Materiel: roto-molded polyethylene plastic.
  • LENGTH 13′ 6″ / 4.1 m
  • WIDTH 29.5″ / 74.9 cm
  • SEAT WIDTH 17″ / 43.2 cm
  • WEIGHT 60 lbs / 27.2 kg
  • load CAPACITY 425-475 lbs / 192.8 – 215.5 kg.

Features that matter (must read)

  • the Sonar Shield
  • the oversize tank
  • large bow hatch with a cross lock strap
  • flat footwell standing area
  • adjustable foot braces
  • a transducer compatible scupper hole
  • the Rod Pod for easy access
  • multiple rods for safe below deck storage
  • erformance hull is fast, stable and quiet and is designed to handle calm or rough waters

Pros and advantages

The Prowler Trident 13 Kayak ‘s design is simplistic but effective. This design contributes for easy transport and portability.

This kayak is equipped with the most comfortable seat. The latest includes the adjustable features for more comfort and stability in paddling position.

Furthermore, the kayak has a cup holder as well. So you can drink coffee while waiting for the fishes. Plus, the Prowler Trident 13 Kayak is really easy to camouflage.

fishing kakays review

For me, the unique feature is The Sonar Shield. You can drag your fish finder on the kayak.

The sonar shield has a cover so that the fish finder doesn’t get damaged  and you can read the monitor easily.

The common problem with Kayaks is that when the wind picks up and makes it hard for the boat to move in the right direction.

The Ocean Trident 13 Kayak has a low center of gravity. It Negates the wind and you can keep yourself from becoming a sail and paddling easily using the aerodynamics on the boats.

The yak has a Fishing Rod Holderthat keeps the rods steady in various positions without involving your hands.

Cons and drawbacks

My only critic for The Ocean Trident 13 Kayak is the price. It is a bit expensive for some anglers. However, this kayak is the best value for the money. It designed to get beyond basic uses.

final words

I can definitely say that The Ocean Trident 13 Kayak made simple. With the extensive convenient features and the excellent angler oriented design.

The Ocean Trident 13 Kayak should be the top kayaking option for those who want to make their big catch.

In conclusion

So if you are looking for a versatile, durable and high-performing kayaks that can withstand anything you throw at it, look no further than those models. They are the best sit on top fishing kayaks in 2017

Despite their minimal drawbacks, these kayaks can traverse miles of wild rivers and rough rapids, so that you can have an epic adventure every time you are out on the water.

Enjoy stand up fishing. For more kayaks review check out this post Fishing kayaks under 4oo$

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