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Best Rigid Inflatable Heavy Duty Boats :High Performance 

Best Rigid Inflatable Heavy Duty Boats :High Performance 

Best Rigid Inflatable Heavy Duty Boats :High Performance  TareQ




What makes water sport stunning is diversity. There are several water crafts categories, ranging from kayaks and pontoons to rigid inflatable boats.

The latest offers a unique experience. Once combined with trolling motors, they become real monsters. However, the market is loaded with a whole bunch of inflatable boats, which make picking the best heavy duty boat a real headache.

No worry, in this post I’m going to list and review the top 3 rigid inflatable heavy duty boats for sale. If you did not buy a boat yet, you are in the right place. What you need is to sit and read till the end. I’m sure you going to found your boat.

1-Mercury 380 Heavy Duty PVC Inflatable Boat

rigid inflatable heavy duty boats

Design:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
features:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Material:4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
Price:5 Stars (5 / 5)

When we talk about rigid boats, it is really hard not to mention Mercury 380. The Mercury Marine is known by manufacturing the finest marine products in the world. They have their own unique process while manufacturing their products.

The Mercury 380  inflatable sailing dinghy is a good example of the Mercury’s philosophy in mind. It is the right choice, if you are looking for a stable tough inflatable boats at the right cost


  • Color · Red
  • Overall length : 12′ / 365 cm
  • Overall beam :5′ 9″ / 175 cm
  • Inside length : 8′ 7″ / 261 cm
  • Tube diameter :18″ / 457 mm
  • Load capacity :1653 lbs / 750 kg
  • Maximum engine weight: 187 lbs / 85 kg
  • Maximum horsepower:25
  • Shaft length :15″ / 381 mm
  • Passenger capacity (HP) :6
  • Passenger capacity (PVC):6
  • Number of air chambers :3 + keel
  • Weight (HP) : 233 lbs / 106 kg
  • Weight (PVC) : 216 lbs / 98

Features that matter (must read)

  • Aluminum & FRP non-slip floorboards and adjustable track-mounted cargo attachment points
  • Six external carry handles for easy transport and launching
  • Inflatable keel for improved performance
  • Non-slip wear patches for additional grip
  • High-visibility red fabric
  • Extreme load capacity
  • Easy to set up and inflate
  • Hard rock construction.

Pros and advantages

Mercury 380 Heavy Duty PVC Inflatable Boat combines several features. It has a sleek design and high end performance, which make this vessel a beautiful beast.

the Mercury 380 is a real piece of rock. It is tough enough to resist to any extreme water condition.

The boat is build  with The PVC  a reinforced 1100 Duratex fabric with strong thermo-welded (not glued) seams, combined with an UV cover to provide additional protection to the hull against fading, abrasion, hydrocarbons and flame. It is built to last for long years.

The Mercury inflatable yacht tenders boats have 3 separate internal air chambers, inflatable keel for a better tracking and extreme stability.

The boat is equipped with Aluminum bottom. So no wooden plates or air filled keel. Aluminum bottom provide safety and performance.

the Mercury 380‘s design and appearance are amazing. It was one the best boat’s design I have ever seen.

You can’t miss these Mercury Heavy Duty inflatable boats on the water with the distinctive red hull and rugged design. Basically, the red hull provide safty while casting in foggy weather.

Mercury 380 Heavy Duty PVC Inflatable Boat is built to cast for long hours, so comfort is indisputable.

As most of heavy duty boats, the Mercury 380 is delivered with comfortable seat. Even in its maximum load (6 peaple),the boat is still comfortable and easy to manage.

What I really like on heavy boats and tenders is the load capacity. The Mercury 380 Heavy Duty PVC is enormous.

You get the possibility to bring 6 partners plus your fishing gears. The maximum load is  750 kg, so even you dog could be taken on board.

rigid inflatable heavy duty boats

You won’t bother yourself which fishing tackles and food should you take for your trip. What you need is to throw everything on board and start casting.

Transportation and portability are two major features you should pay attention to while buying you inflatable boat. Having a heavy boat is a real pain. It is hard to set up and inflate, but in our Mercury 380 is not.

Sure they are not light-weights. As you know, Mercury 380 is made of PVC.

Once it is fully inflate, you need someone to help you carrying, but 98 kgs is not hard to manage if you they are several passenger.

The boat has six carry handles for easy transport from your vehicle to your favorite water spot.

The vessel is equipped the 3 inlet valves making the boat easy and fast to inflate using a pump air.

Follow the instruction manual in order to inflate the 3 chambers correctly. The low freeboard and soft tubes make it easy for you to handle once it is deflate.

According to owner, Mercury 380 is one of the best rigid inflatable boats on water. Once it is equipped with a trolling motor, it become a real monster.

Mercury 380’s users advice to add a engine with 25 in horsepower plus the hull affordable weight which make the boat stable and safe.

In addition, on water, the roomy Mercury 380 is easy to manage and navigate.

The aluminum bottom bank easily into fast turns and pierce waves without drama .

It will take more than one article to site the Mercury 380. This boat is still keeping additional and exceptional features for both of us.

It also nclude non-slip wear patches for additional grip, adjustable track-mounted cargo attachment points, six carry handles, and convenient grab rope.

Furthermore, the Mercury 380 package includes every little piece you are in need of. The boat is delivered with high-volume air pump, repair kit, oars and benches.

Plus, the warranty. The Mercury Inflatable PVC boats offer one of the best guarantees in the market including a 5-year limited warranty.

Cons and drawbacks:

I have one complain about the  Mercury 380 which is 12 step inflation manual. It is a bit hard for a beginner to set. However, once it inflate a few times,you become familiar about procdeurs and building steps.

Final words

With over 5,000,000* hours in the field, the Mercury manufactory are so confident in the quality and construction of their boats.

2-Newport Vessels Catalina Inflatable boat

rigid inflatable heavy duty boats

Design:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
features:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Material:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Price:4 Stars (4 / 5)

If you are still looking for another option to compare, here is my second suggestion. The boat is labeled Catalina.

This water craft is built by a well know manufactory called Newport Vessels.

The Newport Vessels ‘s boats a meticulous manufacturing process that includes quality control pressure tests, water leak tests, UV tests, and stretch tests throughout the manufacturing process.

The reason why I have picked the Catalina small inflatable dinghy to review is that vessel is hiding a lot of features that need to be covered.


  • Total Length 150 Inches
  • Inside Length 106 Inches
  • Max Capacity: 6 persons (1,603 lbs)
  • Total Width 66 Inches
  • Inside Width 30 Inches
  • Tube Diameter 18 Inches
  • Number of Chambers 4 (3 tube + 1 Keel)
  • Max Motor Power 20 HP

Features that matter (must read)

  • Floor Aluminum Framed Marine Wood
  • PVC Material Used 1,100 Denier Korean PVC
  • Air Valve Info Halkey Roberts – Directional Locking
  • Approximate Speed 25 MPH (20hp w/ 3 adults)
  • Easy set up
  • Motor capacity: up to 20 hp
  • Glue Adhesives German Imported Adhesives
  • Limited Warranty: 2 years
  • Accessories: Bench Seat, Set of Oars, Foot Pump,Carrying Bag, Repair Kit

Pros and Advantages

The Newport Vessels Catalina Inflatable boat is buil for different for different water activities.

It can be a perfect craft for recreational uses like diving, fishing, and long distance cruising. It has an amazing practical conception.

The hull of the boat is made with triple layered 1,100 denier Korean PVC on the outside with a polyester interior.

It the same concept used on whitewater rafts. This type of material makes the boat tough to resist to any shock, pressure and harsh water condition.

The Catalina has other features include a high-pressure inflatable keel for a better stability and performance.

Moreover, the keel makes the boats virtually indestructible that can be run into docks, dragged up to shore, or any normal activity when boating.

The boat’s design has a unique signature. The hull is designed with 3 tube chambers highly constructed. Those tubes make the boat easy to control even while rafting in excessive speed.

To ensure additional protection against sunlight, fuel and oil, the Newport Vessels ‘s designers has added durable coated plywood.

So you won t worry any more if you drop a fishing hook on the boat.

Simplicity is the Newport Vessels Catalina‘s slogan. personally, I do like white color on any water raft.

The Catalina comes on two combined basic colors(grey and white). those color offer more visibility while casting on specific period of the day.(dusk or night).

The boat has  2 built in seats, which have the ability to support 6 persons comfortably.

Additionally, the Catalina is delivered with large 18″ tubes for great stability and wood floor slat design, which offers additional comfort for hauling passengers using the boat for fishing while standing, or as a diving platform.

All of Newport Vessels inflatable boats have been engineered and design using the latest computer-aided design software.

This allows us to put all of our dinghies through a quality control process and check every detail.

The Catalina Inflatable Sport Tender Dinghy Boat has compact design for easy storage and set up.

The hull weight 160 lbs, which is really easy to handle and carry with your partners.

The Catalina interior is roomy. You can bring six members on board plus you fishing and diving equipments with a total load capacity of 1,603 lbs.

the boat can completely be inflate within 15 Minutes thanks to Halkey Roberts air valves, which make the vessel set up a piece of cake.

Newport Vessels Catalina Inflatable boat

Just follow the manual which contains easy to follow instruction and inflate the hull using the air pum include in the package

Most of heavy duty boats and tenders are similar in term of materiel and warranty. However what makes a boat a unique piece is performance.

The Catalina Inflatable boat is incredible. The max motor rating of 20hp can get this inflatable boat to high speeds of 26 plus mph.

The high-pressure inflatable keel allows the inflatable boat to reach maximum performance while banking, turning, and accelerating.

During Newport Vessels performance’s test, three engineers took The Catalina model for a 50 mile from Newport Beach harbor to the Island of Catalina located 25 miles off the coast of California.

The Catalina performed excellent and exceeds the high expectations that were already in place.

The Newport Vessels is offering an amzing package. The accessories include a storage bag, foot pump, repair kit, aluminum oars with oar-locks, 2 removable bench seats, towing D-rings, carry handles, transom, and an aluminum interior motor pad. so you can get a lot of things for your money.

Cons and drawbacks:

I do not have a lot of to complain about expect for wood floor slat design.

The hard floor doesn’t offer the quick set-up and take-down of an air floor boat, but it is certainly better than an aluminum slat floor that gets hot to the touch in the summer sun.

Final words

Overall, the boat has received a lot of positives reviews from happy owner in different market place including Amazon.

The reason behind the Catalina’s success is the quality construction, load capacity and great performance. What I should say is Thank you Newport Vessels for you efforts.

3-Seamax Ocean 380

rigid inflatable heavy duty boats

Design:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
features:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Material:4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
Price:5 Stars (5 / 5)

The Seamax Ocean 380 is the last product on my best heavy duty boats and tenders list. The seamax manufactory has built the ocean series to fit different water sports. if you are a water enthusiastic, the  Seamax ocean 380 is made for you.


  • Length: 49 in x x
  • Width: 26in
  • Height: 13in
  • Color options: Gray + black, or red + black
  • Load capacity: 555 kg
  • Passengers: 5 person

Features that matter(must read)

  • Korean Mirasol Boat series PVC, core with 1100×1100 Dtex Polyester
  • PVC 0.9mm for Buoyancy pontoon, PVC 1.2mm for bottom finishing
  • Full size all around Nylon heavy duty lifeline, core 3/4″
  • Inner pontoon Nylon heavy duty life line, core 1/2″
  • 5″ Heavy duty transom made by Russian plywood
  • Heavy duty air chamber seam for heavy duty using
  • 5 individual pontoon chambers
  • 3 over pressure relief valve
  • Non-skid aluminium portable floor and aluminium side joiners
  • Floor with fuel tank tie down
  • Floor with fuel tank tie down string & buckle
  • Dual motor brackets, 1 pull up drain valve
  • 10 D-rings on pontoon
  • 3 heavy duty front towing rings, 2 stainless steel transom towing ring
  • Rubbing strake all around, 2 handles with anchor line tie-down style
  • Oar lock & suitable for Seamax bimini top.

Pros and advantages

the Seamax ocean 380 is a well known product. ocean series has made their path on boating industry, by focusing on little features that consumer is looking for. such as design, performance and quality .

Similar to the previous inflatable boat, the seamax ocean 380 opt for 1,100 denier Korean PVC for the hull construction.

The aim behind this kind of material is to ensure passenger protection and boat stability in extreme water conditions.

During ocean test, the ocean 380 resists to different conditions such as high temperature, pressure and chemical impact.

Though, what makes the ocean 380 a great boat is the hull. It is composed of 5 chamber airs, which make it special.

Most of heavy boats combined 3 air chambers in the hull, but with a total of 5 pontoon chambers, it is extremely stable and safer while rafting and turning in high speed.

Personally, I liked the ocean 380’s design. It is sleek, compact and eyes attractive.

The seamax industry designed the boat in a unique way using the latest technologies.

The boat has a sharped nose design  45-degree and a V-hull bottom created by the rigid floor.

The Series boats come in multiple color options including the rugged red and black, as well as the eye-catching gray and black design for a maximum visibility on water.

Seamax Ocean 380

The ocean 380 is equipped with aluminum floor, which is my favorite. It is easy to clean, maintain and it resistant to impacts such as dropping dive tanks on the deck. It is adequate for if you are a diving fan.

When it comes to seats, I can rate it with a 5 stars. The boat has built bench seats. 2 x 37.

They have the capacity to carry three passengers on each making the ocean 380 appropriate during long hours on water.

Having an easy to set inflatable tender boat to is a dream and it comes true. According to owner, the ocean 380 is one of the easiest.

What you need is the throw the boat on the ground and start inflating it using the air pump.

The boat is equipped with a drain valve making the boat fast to inflate within 25 minutes. Furthermore, the ocean 380 has 2+1 stainless steel bow towing rings, for easy set up .

The hull design is special. It is roomy and easy to carry. The water raft has a load capacity of 555 kg.

So you can share your diving or fishing moments with more than 4 of your closest friend or family membres.

To conclude, the boat has a compact design for stable navigation, easy carry and load capacity.

On water, the ocean 380 goes beyond limits. Once you add you trolling motor, the boat turn to a real fast monster.

Our vessel can handle a Motor with the power 25HP. The ocean performance is unique. Even in it s maximum, the the ocean 380 is easy to control inside narrow space while banking, turning, and accelerating.

To be honest, I need more than one post to cover all the ocean 380 incredible features. The boats still keep some secrets.

The vessel is equipped with  engine brackets, 1-way drain valve, a double layer keel patch, rubbing strake (tube and keel), and a wave prevention design.

The price of the boat worth it, since everything on the boat is designed for a specific reason.

Cons and drawbacks:

Personally, I’m big fan of aluminum floors. They are easy to maintain. However, in summer, it is really hard to maintain and touch because of the sun heat.

It is not a big deal, what you need is to spill water on board in order to reduce the floor temperature.

Final words

While I have to admit that this is a really nice heavy duty boats that is both well designed and very well outfitted.

I believe that you would likely be very happy if you did decide to purchase one because I have great respect for ocean series.

In conclusion

Here we come to the end of this post about the best rigid inflatable heavy duty boats. 


I hope that this review provied you with details you are looking for. Please If you have any suggestion or questions, I will the comment section open for. I will be glad to help you.

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