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All Purpose Small Rubber Fishing Boats To Buy

All Purpose Small Rubber Fishing Boats To Buy

All Purpose Small Rubber Fishing Boats To Buy TareQ




For a beginner, small rubber fishing boats are the best boats to buy. They are inflatable, tough and  cheap .

Such boats are also great as two man craft. They are good fishing boats to use for family days messing around on the water.

Safety and stability must be your main concerns while looking for a small lightweight fishing boat.

There’s no doubting these portable fishing boats have some excellent value for the price, But before you go rushing in and buy an inflatable fishing boat, you should do some comparisons, since the lowest price doesn’t necessarily offer the best value.

In this post, I tried to come up with a list of the best inflatable rafts for fishing . Do not worry I have included the pros and cons of each one for a honest, the best place to buy inflatable boats. 

1-Intex Excursion 5 Boat


Design:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
features:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Material:4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
Price:5 Stars (5 / 5)

What s makes this boat special is its cheap price and features. Several users came back to give this boat their seal of approval with high 5 and 4-star ratings.

If you want to buy a  cheap inflatable fishing boat to use a few times a year, Intex Excursion inflatable boats are a fine solution.


  • Length: 144″Intex Excursion 5 Boat
  • Width: 66″
  • Height: 17″
  • Weight: 58 lbs
  • Capacity: 5 Persons or 1,000 lbs
  • accessories Included:Storage duffel bag, repair patch, all-around grab line, gear pouch, U.S. Coast Guard I.D.

Features that matters (must read)

  •  Four fishing rod holders
  • Oar locks and holders
  • Mount for motor if required (motor not included)
  • Quick fill and deflate valves
  • Grab handle and 360 degree grab line
  • Inflatable floor
  • Two inflatable seats with backrests
  • 3 air chambers
  • Boston safety valves
  • Compatible for motor mount fitting
  • 54″ aluminum oars
  • High output pump

Pros and advantages

The Intex Excursion has an exceptional hull conception.  It designed with three air chambers in the hull.

It is build with the Super-Tough™ Construction PVC vinyl laminated to an inner layer of polyester mesh.

This material is abrasion, chemical, impact, and sunlight resistant.

What makes The Intex Excursion unique is the size. It is one  the largest cheap inflatable fishing boats on the market.

with 12 feet long and 5.5 feet wide, the boat is capable of holding up to a maximum of 1000 pounds between people and gears.

The Intex Excursion designers have included comfortable seats to enjoy travelling to your favorite fishing spot.

Intex Excursion 5 Boat

Moreover, The Excursion 5 is equipped with two built in rod holders on either end that are sturdy enough to hold a pole while navigating.

In addition to that, it is fitted with oar locks and holders that allow you to easily store them when they are not in use and keep them secure while rowing from one destination to another.

With Boston valves on both of the main hull compartments, Inflating The Intex Excursion 5 is not a big deal it won’t take longer than 15 minutes to fully inflate.

Plus, it is one of lightest fishing boat. The Intex Excursion 5 can easily be carried from your car to water and enjoying the great outdoors.

Cons and drawbacks

My only critic about The Intex Excursion 5 is the number of oars. The boats comes with two oars, so if you want others to help then you’ll need to purchase some more.

Final words

For the price, it will be hard pushed to find a rubber fishing boats for sale. It’s so versatile, it can easily double up as a great day out with family and friends.

2-Advanced Elements Commander

Rubber Fishing Boats


Design:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
features:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Material:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Price:5 Stars (5 / 5)

The Advanced Elements Commander is one of the top rated inflatable boats.

It has all the features you’re looking for in a rugged, portable inflatable.

The Advanced Elements Commander is a good all-around boat for fishing, family fun and even tendering.

SpecsAdvanced Elements Commander

  • Dimensions: 9′ x 4’6″
  • Capacity: 4 persons (700 lbs)
  • Weight: 31 lbs
  • Chambers: 5
  • Boston Valves
  • Max hp: 2.5

Features that matter (must read)

  • Constructed of heavy duty PVC
  • 4 Oarlocks (oars not included)
  • 2 inflatble seat cushions
  • battery bag and mesh utility bag.
  • a trolling motor battery secure
  • perimeter grab lines
  • molded grip handles and bow and stern
  • Boston valves

Pros and advantages



One of the biggest features to consider on the Advanced Elements Commander is the material used in construction.

The boats is made of heavy duty PVC hard to be puncture with chafing pads at the stress areas on the top of the hull for additional protection and stability.

It won’t  take more than 15 min to fully inflate and set up. Thanks to the Boston valves on the air chambers.

Plus, the drain hole plug in the I-beam floor lets you drain off water that gets inside the cockpit.

Moreover, it is a light weighted fishing boat (25 pounds) which makes transportation and portability a simple mission for any one.Advanced Elements Friday Harbor Commander 12 Raft

Unlike most inflatable dinghy, the Advanced Elements Commander includes battery bag and mesh utility bag to keep personal gear safe and close.

For me, the stand out features on the boats is the bow performance. It has the ability to break through waves more easily than standard round bows.

In addition, the load capacity is impressive. The boat can handle for 4 people 2 adults and 2 kids.

Once you add in your fishing gears, you do not need  more than two adults in this 9′ craft if you want to stay comfortable.

When you combined the previous features with Fishing rod holders which are incorporated into the deck for easy trolling or storage, you get the best two man fishing boat for sale.

Cons and drawbacks

The Advanced Elements Commander 9 boat is one of the newest fishing boats model so you won’t find many reviews about it.

final words

After a careful evaluation and drawing various comparisons, I think it is definitely a cool lightweight inflatable dinghy to buy. The customer service is great too.

The raft is safe to use as the chances of forgetting to screw or hammer something in are completely ruled out.

3-Intex Mariner 3

Rubber Fishing Boats review

Design:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
features:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Material:4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
Price:5 Stars (5 / 5)

The Intex Mariner 3 is labeled as the best cheap inflatable boat for fishing. However, you should not associate the low price with performance.

The boat offers a lot of features that go beyond mid-range category. It is Ideal for fishing and recreational activities.

Specsmainer 3

  • Length: 10’8”
  • Beam: 4.6’
  • Capacity: 3-4 adults (704 lbs)
  • Weight: 85 lbs
  • 4 air chambers
  • Super-Tough™ PVC vinyl
  • Plastic hard floor
  • Boston safety valves
  • Motor mount fitting
  • 54″ aluminum oars
  • High output pump
  • Certified by NMMA and U.S. Coast Guard

Features that matter (must read)

  • two Boston valves on main hull chamber for quick-fill, fast-deflate.
  • SUPER TOUGH construction is triple strong. Made with 3 separate layers of material for extra strength and durability.
  • Two outer layers of heavy gauge PVC laminated to an inner layer of polyester mesh for extra reinforcement.
  • Extra reinforcements include a keel rock guard and heavy-duty, extruded plastic flooring for stability and rigidity.
  • two fishing rod holders.
  • Two inflatable thwart seats.
  • 1 gear pouch and 1 battery pouch.
  • Grab handle on both ends.
  • High-capacity/output hand pump (68614E)
  • Welded on rotational oar locks.
  • Noticable graphics give a sporty flair and maximize safety on the water
  • Motor mount fittings. Motor Mount and Motor Sold Separately
  • Two 54″ Aluminum Oars.
  • Oar holders.

Pros and advantages

What makes the Intex Mariner 3 an exceptional rib boat is the construction quality .

It is considered as the toughest and strongest inflatable fishing boat for sale.

The boat is built with a super tough, heavy gauge PVC for extreme durability.

It resists to abrasion and chemicals elements such as oil, gas, seawater, and UV sunlight.

intex mariner boat review

The Intex Mariner offers an incredible package. It includes on an all-around grab line, 2 grab handles, welded rotary oarlocks, oar holders, 3 inflatable seat cushions, 2 fishing rod holders, rock guard, gear pouch, battery pouch, and repair/patch kit.

Each boat comes with two aluminum oars and a high output air pump.

Based on its size and materiel, I worried about the inflating time. However, the Intex Mariner 3 ‘s designers took care of this issue.

They have included Boston valves which make inflating and deflating a quick easy task.

Furthermore, portability is respected in the Intex Mariner 3. It weights 85 lbs which makes the boat handling a child‘s game.

what make the boat special is the 3 ply system. It resists to puncturing and shocks for additional protection and safety while fishing.

Cons and drawbacks

The Intex Mariner 3 ‘s manufacturers have made one small mistake on the load capacity level.

With a weight limit of 660 lbs,  the three person capacity might not be achievable if one or two members are bigger than average size.

Final words

Overall, For the price, you’ll be hard pushed to find a more rugged and durable small rib boats.

It’s also comfortable inside, and offers enough fishing specific pieces of kit to make a very enjoyable day on the water.

4-The Saturn KaBoat Inflatable Kayak/ Boat

best Rubber Fishing Boats

Design:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
features:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Material:4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
Price:5 Stars (5 / 5)

The Saturn manufactory is known by their sleek design and amazing appearance. Their sleek design is applied within The Saturn KaBoat Inflatable Kayak/ Boat project.

It is a combination of inflatable boat & kayak crossover which make the boat faster. It is one of the best all purpose fishing boats for sale.


  • Exterior Width: 42″
  • Interior Width : 14″
  • Transom High :13.5″
  • Tube Diameter :13″
  • Kayak Packing Size :34″x21″x10″
  • Shipping Size: 45 x 24 x 13″
  • Shipping Weight : 70 lbs
  • KaBoat Weight: 48 lbs

Features that matters (must read)

  • Person Capacity : 2 + 1
  • Weight Capacity : 500 lbs
  • Chambers : 2+1
  • Material : 1100 Denier PVC
  • Air Valves : Halkey-Roberts type valve by Naru
  • Engine Capacity : 2.5 HP

Pros and advantages

The Saturn KaBoat is a revolutionary rubber boat. It is made from 1100 Denier PVC which makes the Saturn a super tough boat. The special touch on the Saturn boat is kaboat feature.

It means that it had a double function. The Kaboat can be paddled like a kayak across an ocean, bay, river, or lake. With a plywood transom, the raft can also be equipped with an outboard motor.

Our kaboat is built for any water activities. It can be used for diving, snorkeling and fishing.

The sleek contour of the boat is especially useful for navigating and reaching narrow hot spot for fishing.

Rubber Fishing Boats

The Saturn KaBoat is very stable Offering you the possibility to walk inside it.

In fact, you can even fish or ride while standing and it is capable of transporting heavier cargo unlike traditional kayaks.

Despite the hybrid feature, The Saturn KaBoat is easy to handle. Kaboats is easier and simple to transport.

It takes less space when deflated and folded a conventional kayak .

thanks to Halkey-Roberts type valve by Naru. Moreover, this kaboat is equipped with Aluminum seats making it a great comfortable fishing vessel.

The Kaboat has a stable floor that provides a reassuring base for fly fishing.

The Kaboat’s usefulness can also be served as a dinghy for a yacht or sailboat.

Cons and drawbacks

The only con on The Saturn KaBoat is the price. It is bit higher than the previous models, but it offers a lot of features for the price.

Final words

Im a big fan of speed,stability and safty. The Saturn KaBoat break down all my fears and stereotype about kaboat ability.

It’s also a great choice if you intend to use the boat for multiple purposes. In other,it Is the best small fishing boats for sale in my list.

In conclusion

This list of the cheapest small rubber fishing boats includes everything you need to get.

As a beginner’s boat, it is fine for leisure water. Those models are solid choice for an entry level boat for people who want a craft that is lightweight, portable, and quick to inflate.

If you have any reservations about this list, we suggest you check out this post The Best Inflatable Fishing Boat To Buy for additional suggestion .



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