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why the bass hunter boat is the best in 2017

why the bass hunter boat is the best in 2017

There are many questions that come to your mind before you buy your bass boat.  What is the best bass boat in the market? What is the best bass boat for the money? When and where can I buy it? Bass boat’s color and its accessories ….Do we want a slow or fast, stable and unstable.

Therefore, I have written review about the best bass boat on 2017 labeled bass hunter boat.

I have already reviewed this bass boat here, but I have received many emails asking questions about it.

so I decided to write another review about bass hunter boats on 2017.

The manufactures have designed the boat  with the customer attention to details in mind. We will go deeper in this review to discover more about the bass hunter boat. The boat is everything that the description said it was.

Features that matter

  • multiple tackle and equipment trays
  • eight handles for easy maneuvering.
  • 4 beverage holders,


  • Color: Charcoal
  • Seating: Bucket
  • Capacity: 2 person / 475 lbs/ 216 kgs
  • Max HP: 2 HP
  • Weight: 130 lbs/58,967 KG
  • Length: 96″
  • Width:  54″

Pros and adavtanges :

The bass hunter boat has been equipped with wheels making transport and taking the bass boat from track to water an easy to do task.

In addition to this, the wheels has a big role in storage. They allow the boat to take minimal space in your garage or storage area.

The bass hunter boat is built to give anglers a chance to access shallow waternarrow channels and fishing spots that gas powered boats are not allowed to go.

bass hunter boat

Designers have shaped the boat with win hull. In other words, the bass hunter boat is an amazing combination of a catamaran design with narrow pontoons for extra durability, stability, and a true-tracking on the river.

In my view what makes this boat a real piece of art are the the swivel seats. They are practical and amazing.

They are low and close to  water which is great for fishing, but if you use as a two man fishing boat, It may cause some problems.

The bass hunter boat has is ranged as small Two person fishing boat, but it has an enormous storage space. You can kits, rods, tackles and everything you think you can use.

I forget to mention that The bass hunter boat can handle a trolling motor which can make this boat scoot along quite nicely.

Cons and drawbacks:

There are always two good easy to grab metal handles on each side of any bass boats. Easier for two guys to grab and transport.

This also gave you 4 good places to tie an anchor to or to tie a stringer to and both items cold be reached by either guy in the boat.

You guessed it  no such place to tie to on this boat. However, You can but separate anchors or used old ones if you have them.

Plus, this bass boat is bit heavier. It is not  a good thing when you are by yourself and have to muscle it out of the truck to the water, take it out, back into the truck and put it in the shed for storing out of the elements.

Final words:

Personally, I consider the The bass hunter boat as ine of the top rated bass boat available in the market.

I have searched a lot to provide the bass hunter boat review in 2017 since or reviews were updated give a better understanding and help to know the pros and cons of this bass boat.

If you are looking for boats please check this article  And visit the boats review section in the menu there a lot of great stuff I’m sure you are going to enjoy.

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  1. Ron Carlson

    March 21, 2018 at 1:27 am

    Just bought a bass hunter 120 pro. Have it on a flat trailer I can’t wait to put in catch fish. Hope it is everything you say is true.


    • TareQ

      March 21, 2018 at 3:17 pm

      You gonna like it 😉


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