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Best Inflatable Pontoon Boats For Sale : Wow Review!

Best Inflatable Pontoon Boats For Sale : Wow Review!


Overall ,most pontoon boats are used for fishing.The market of pontoon is loaded with different types and sizes of boats .However,the most effective are the inflatable ones.

This category helps those who want to be able to store them away in a small space and easy transport in the trunk of their car.

What make small pontoon boats the best is the frameless concept ,meaning they can be set up in minutes and completely store away in a carry bag.

when I get started in fishing, My first hurdle was to pick the most adequate,versatile and convenient fishing gear.

so I decide to start this blog to provide information for anglers. Here is a  Comprehensive review about the Best small inflatable Pontoon Boats For Sale  including the pros and cons of each one and the best places to buy from.

1-Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat


2-Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat

Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat is one of the most popular small pontoon boats in the US

what makes it famous is the absolute lowest price and it is very affordable .

The quality is not as good as the higher priced models,but for what it’s worth, this is a great boat. It is perfect for Fishing, flat water, ponds, class I rivers, calm ocean bays.

The package includes :best small pontoon boat for sale

  1. Wire rear storage and battery platform
  2. anchor system
  3. two-position motor mount
  4. detachable foam fly patch
  5. padded seat
  6. footrests
  7. 10 mesh pockets and 12 zippered pockets.
  8.  2 insulated drink holders.


  • Length 9′
  • Width 4′ 7”
  • Weight 32 Kgs.
  • Load Capacity :181Kgs.
  • Brand :colorado
  • Boat Material : abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms and nylon tops. Powder-coated steel tube frame.

Additional detailed description

best small pontoon

The reason behind Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat popularity is that this small pontoon is one of the best pontoons for the price.

For a small amount of money, you get a great little boat that is compact, stable, comfortable and easy to use.

With a well designed anchor system, the Colorado Pontoon Boat is the primeIt will help you to stay stable on moving water while fishing.

The secret ingredient in this small pontoon is the seat. It can be adjusted for your comfort and the overall seating position has been rated as the best comfortable pontoon seats. It is highly positioned, which offers additional visibility while casting.

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Extra features

top fishing pontoon boat

A Cheaper poonton does not mean a less performer boat. The quality is related to the manufacters skills.

They succed to combine price vs quality formula to provide  a tough and stable pontoon boats named  Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat.

It comes with with a 2-year warranty. The oarlocks are bronzed and the steel tube frame is tough.

The bladders are cold and heat resistant and the valves are highly designed. Many user have rated it with four stars and more.

I would recommend Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat .It is protected from UV rays and exposure to the elements and it will last for long time.

Unlike Bucks Bags boats,the Colorados need extra time to set them up. This pontoon has  frame that needs to be attached they are not hard to do.

You  need  to follow instructions. However,once you know how to set  it up ,it won’t take more than 15 min.

Pros and advantages 

the Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon is  tough and stable Boat. The seat is relaxing, eases pressure on your back for easy  paddling.

Plus, Storage compartments are spacious. You can carry a load of fishing gears on board.

Today,the Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon belongs to the best inflatable rubber boats for sale. 

Cons and drawbacks

The only matter with Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat is the 32 Kgs. If you get the opportunity to park closer to the river,it going to be much easier to put it down. Otherwise,you will need a friend or a colleague to help you .

Final Words

In my point of view, I think that Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat deserves a higher price, since it provide a lot of features that jumps over basic provided by competitors

. It is obvious why it is the most popular model in the pontoon family.It will make your fishing experience a bit unique.

2-Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoon Boat

best small pontoon boats for sale


Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoon Boat is one of the best small pontoon boats in 2017. It is frameless, which means you do need metal to be attached.

The frameless pontoon boat comes with the 100% money back guarantee. Meaning you can use it for 180 days and if you are unsatisfied, you can ask for a refund. However, I’m sure you won t once you try it .

The sea eagle is tough as steel. It is perfect for fishing on lakes, ocean bays, remote ponds and even rivers.

The manufactory have included everything you need in the package:

  1. Patented folding frame, oar/paddle combo set,Sea Eagle Frameless top Pontoon Boat
  2. oarlock set and oarlock pins
  3. motor mount,
  4. full fabric floor
  5. two green swivel chairs
  6. ,two Scotty bait casters
  7. two quick release seat mounts foot pump,
  8. 7” pedestal for seats,
  9. storage bag,
  10. repair kit

However, you can customize your boat by adding extra equipment such as:  Endura 30 electric motor and river oar set…


  • Length 9′
  • Width 4′
  • Weight 19 KGs.
  • Load Capacity 204 KGs.
  • Engine Capacity: 3hp (20kg. max) or 25 KGs. thruster
  • Speed 5-7 mph w/gas
  • 3-4 mph w/elec
  • Inflation Time: 5 minutes
  • Boat Material: 1100 Decitex Reinforced with quadruple overlap seams and Floor is aluminum slat roll up over full fabric floor.

Additional detailed description:

 best small pontoon boats for sale

Unlike other small pontoon boats, The Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoon Boat has a unique design for water  sports.

What makes it a unique boat is the frameless concept. It makes it easy to transport, set up and provide additional stability even without metal.

You will have no problem standing to cast your line. There is a wooden floorboard to stand-up on so there is absolutely no concerns with stability.

For angler, the sea eagle has 2 mounts for rod holders. They are fully adjustable. plus, a carry bag as well as a bow stow bag.

The seat is very comfortable. It is a bit highly positioned to give great versatility and movement while  fishing.

Extra features:

The Sea eagle brand has been producing the floating pontoons boat for more than 46 years.

I believe that their success comes from two mean raisons. Sea eagle is one of the top rated pontoon boat manufacturers.

First, they offer a lot for your money. Even in their basic product, the company includes the paddles/oars, pump, carry bag, seat and repair kit.

plus, a whole bunch of extra accessories,if you get the attention to upgrade your boat.

Second, the quality of their products is a major factor when it comes to fishing activities.

They usually cover their product with a great 3-year warranty and a money back guarantee policy after 180 day.

For the material strength, I can rate it with five stars. Sea eagle tests the strength of the material by hitting it with the sharp end of a claw hammer over and over without any damages .

So, you do not need to worry. Hitting rocks it no longer a matter. The pontoon is made from 1000 Denier, which makes the boat tough than nails.

Pros and advantages 

The Sea Eagle pontoon boats is featured as the top rated  pontoon boat in 2017.

It is too light to be transport, easy to set up with it unique folding frame, very comfortable swivel seats and a wide range of extra accessories to add.

Cons and drawbacks

The only downfall is the solo features. The boat is made for one person. It does not allow you to bring you partner on board.

Final Words

The Sea Eagle pontoon boat comes with a vast array of features and is great value for money.

The boat is not equipped with any kind of metal making it super easy to set up.

It deflates to a fairly small package and can easily fit in the trunk of your car.

The Sea Eagle pontoon boat is on one of the most compact and portable pontoon boats I have seen. It is the right boat if you are looking to buy pontoons only.

3-Bucks Bags High Adventure 9-Foot Pontoon Boat

best small pontoon boats for sale


In term of price and performance, Bucks Bags High Adventure 9-Foot Pontoon Boat is the best choice.

This one particular has been quite popular for last for long. It can be used for Fishing, in lakes, ponds, and calm river.

The Bucks Bags High Adventure 9-Foot Pontoon Boat is equipped with everything that a fisherman is looking for.

Moreover, it is very comfortable and you will never fell exhausted while you are waiting for your fish to bait the hook.

This small pontoon boat comes with 2 years of warranty and a whole bunch of features.

It is delivred with a powder-coated steel frame, a dual-position anchor system, adjustable footrests, a motor mount and a fairly roomy cargo deck.

Here are all others specs you need to know about this incredible boat.


  • Length 9’Bucks Bags High Adventure 9-Foot Pontoon Boat
  • Width 4.5’
  • Weight approx. 60 lbs.
  • Load Capacity 375 lbs.
  • Brand : Bucks Bags
  • User places :1

Additional detailed description

bucks bags

With 30 years on pontoon industry, Bucks Bags succeed to obtain a large portfolio of thousands of clients both particular and professional users. Their boats are known to be tough and built to last for years.

In the last 10 years , their marketing strategies has shifted to target  the middle range category and the High Adventure is the master of this range. It is  among the best pontoons for fishing

Basically, the Bucks Bags High Adventure pontoon boat has everything you need for a nice day out on the water.

This pontoon boat gets a lot of positive reviews for more than 3 years.

Bucks Bags is known by building high performance pontoon boats for sale . They offer an  unlimited amount of features for a the price .

The Bucks Bags High Adventure is easy  to manage. At almost 27kg ,the Bucks Bags High Adventure is the lightest pontoon fishing boat in the market and  it is easy to set up in less than 30 minutes.

The boat could easily be kept on a larger boat, transported in the trunk of your car or even taken in an RV.

Bonus features

In addition to coated steel at the rear is strong and sturdy, the Bucks Bags High Adventure has a great anchor system. So you won t look for a separate anchor to buy later.

What make this boat more adequate to fishing trip:

  • the comfortable seating area which is roomy and the footrests are adjustable to suit your needs.
  • The numbers of storage pocket. Many fishermen agree that Bucks Bags High Adventure has enough storage for a fishing day trip.
  • The rotary-welded pontoons are designed to be able to withstand a fair amount of abuse and the steel frame is corrosion-resistant.

Pros and advantages top pontoon boat

The Bucks Bags High Adventure 9-Foot Pontoon Boat is made from 18oz PVC coated polyester with an internal vinyl bladder, powder coated steel frame which make it perfect for Fishing, lakes, ponds, and calm river.

What make this pontoon boat a little bit special is the easy way to transport/set up. Plus, the  decent storage space, beautiful anchor system, good valves, convenient accessories,

Cons and drawbacks 

The only con of the Bucks Bags High Adventure 9-Foot Pontoon Boat is the incapability to take more than one fisherman above.

Final Words

Overall,i think that the Bucks Bags High Adventure 9-Foot Pontoon Boat is one of the few best mid range pontoon for beginners.

This boat  stands out from the crowd with its premium efficiency, stability, and portability.

4-NRS 14’ River Cataraft

NRS 14’ River Cataraft


If you are looking for fonctionalité, flexibility, stability and agility,NRS 14’ River Cataraft is for you.

It is one of the best small pontoon boats for sale. This small pontoon boat is perfect for fishing ,boating, and solo paddling.

It is longer with a larger middle frame unit. It is extremely tough and made to withstand any river.

It the reason behind is higher price. With a little care, it will last for lifetime.

The package does not include The frame and straps. They are sold separtly. NRS-14-River-best pontoon en


  • Length 14’
  • Tube Diameter 25”
  • Weight 15 kg.
  • Boat Material: Pennel Orca (Hypalon) – UV, chemical and abrasion resistant.
  • Warranty: 10 years.

Additional detailed description:

the best small pontoon boats for sale

NRS 14’ River Cataraft is the toughest pontoon in the market. This one is built for extreme functionality and adventure.

What makes it different from the previous boats is the ability to tackle rapids smoothly. You can grab you own touch by adding a frame size.

Extra features:

NRS 14’ River Cataraft


Tubes are the the NRS 14’ River Cataraft  signature.they are highly designed,Each tube is equipped with 3 air valves,which guarantee more security in harsh time and keeps you floating high even under heavy loads.

They have extended wear patches on the tops. The tubes will allow frames up to 11’ long.

The 16 stainless D-rings make the boat more secure and solid.

It s a matter of a few minutes to inflate the pontoon’s tube. It won’t take more than 20 second to do it with an electric pump.

Even carrying the NRS 14’ River Cataraft is not a big deal. They are a little bit heavy(15 kgs), but they can easily be transport .

Pros and advantages 

NRS 14’ River Cataraft is stable with amazing apparance tough design .Manufactures has includes several unique features such as: multiple D-rings and air chambers in each pontoon to keep you and your pontoon safe in the river.

Cons and drawbacks

The only handicap on this pontoon is the heavy weight and separate purchase frame (sold separately).

Final Words

The NRS 14’ River Cataraft is without a doubt, is one of the best small inflatable pontoon for beginners.

This stable, maneuverable, high-performing, sleek, comfortable and roomy will take you fishing hobby to another level.


Here I come to the end of my blog post about The best small pontoon boats for sale.

I hope that I have provided enough information to help you buy you next pontoon.

These pontoon boats are available on Amazon, what you need is to click on the orange buttons in the post.

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Summary: in my point view ,sea eagle is the best.what you think?



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